Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Flowers.

One for my hair.
 (made up as I went along)

One for my Heart.
(May flower from Abi's May bush)

Feelin' a bit melancholy, today is day one of  ~No more sugar~ perhaps its just the start of withdrawals 


  1. Oh Kelly, these are both just beautiful. I would love to learn to crochet (that is crochet, right?)
    Sorry you are melancholy without the does get easier. My two oldest daughters have type 1 diabetes...we have learned to eat without sugar and it really does get easier.

  2. Great hair band, very sweet! Flowers are very pretty too!
    That's sugar. I never have it in drinks but I make up for it in many other ways, I can imagine it would be very tricky. I hope you're feeling better some today:)xo

  3. I hear good things come from the no sugar deal:) - good luck!
    And great hair band - your new "do" is really working for you !

  4. hey kelly - you have inspired me to try a fascinator ! thank-you :)