Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Last day of Autumn.....

And it was too cloudy most of the day to take any photos outside.
I do have a nice photo of three of the girls in their new Pyjamas, Imogene's were last to be finished (only yesterday!) and she hasn't worn them yet.

Charlotte and Jocie's are a different pattern for the pants, but both have a little flower that I machine stitched to the (bought) shirt, Laura and Imogene's pants are the same pattern just different sizes, Laura's shirt has a half moon that I stitched on (very badly!), and Imogene has a bright pink shirt with a balloon stitched on, it even has a string from the knot down to the hem.

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A Weekend Away.....

We went to Tiona last weekend, we were so lucky to miss all the rain, though it was still pretty bleak, we are hoping to get down there again in summer, when the water at Forster is a clear ice blue and without fear of being blown away!

The view from our cabin.

On the way to the lake. (2 minutes walk)

Wallis Lake.

The Green Cathedral.

Jocie (wearing her new Cardi) and Mark getting blown away on Seven Mile Beach. (less then one minutes walk from the cabin!)

I have a few finishes to share, but first I need to take some photos! Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with those, sunshine permitting of course!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scrap & Stash Busting.

I'm ever-so-slowly working through my "to-do" and "want to-do" lists, but they are still a mile long! 
In no particular order:

On the hook, another little cardigan for Jocelyn, this will probably have 3/4 length sleeves, to avoid excess wetness of clothing (she is drooling/sucking on everything!). I'm using the leftover yarn from the big girls beanies.

A doll quilt for Laura, using the scraps from her own quilt, and a cute little Beatrix Potter patch. I am winging this, I have no plan at all, and it is all quite rough really, but I wanted to practise a few techniques and experiment a bit, and I'm doing it so that's the main thing!

Next up a pile of P.j pants for all the girls, all ready for the first pass through the machine, I'm definitely going construction line style with these!  I  bought a heap of Flannelette last year on clearance, I think it was less then a $1 a metre, Anyway all that material was taking up valuable storage space, so it had to used.  

And finally a Finish!,  A Pincushion organiser, made with the scraps of my first quilt, (which i will never ever show on here, It's just too embarrassing, though I was very proud of it at the time!) It may not look great but it is functional, I especially love the little scrap bin, perfect for a messy person like me! And of course I love how it sits on the arm of my chair or on my sewing table just right!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look what I found in my letterbox.......

The other day I mentioned that i had won a giveaway over at Sparkly Green Knickers, Well my parcel arrived yesterday and this is what I won!!

I'm so excited about all the ideas running through my head, There is so many pretty fabrics here to work with!

Thank you Jo!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Giveaway time!!

I'm joining in on the SEWN Launch Party!!

Click on the pic above to find out more or go to Sarah's blog The Last Piece for more info, plus a list of all the blogger's joining the party!!

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I will be drawing a name out of a hat/cup/bowl/other suitable receptacle, on Monday the 8th of June. Good Luck!

Edit: I will be closing comments at 1pm Aussie eastern standard time on June 8th, and also please please make sure I have some way of contacting you! email, blog link, etc, or remember to check back the evening of June 8th!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spoilt Rotten!

Uhuh, that's right, spoilt rotten, who? ME!!!!
Last Thursday, my husbands grandmother, Nanna Gwen, gave me a present, I nearly cried.

Nan was given this beautiful Marcasite bracelet, on her 17th birthday (1940), by her dear friend Peter. Unfortunately Peter, was lost during WW2. As you can imagine this bracelet holds a lot of sentimental value, and I was honoured to be the recipient of such a gift.

Then on Sunday, it was my birthday!!

I got a new cutting board, and some lovely fabric, off of Mark and the girls, along with a huge stack of beautiful drawings, cards and colouring in, that the girls had made for me! They even wrote Jocie's name on a few so that she could give me something too! And I can't forget my perfect new P.J's, Betty Boop, flannelette, in pinks/purples, absolutely perfectly perfect pyjamas! (but I'm not showing a pic of me in my pj's!)

And, the lovely Nanna Gwen was at it again, with a delicious chocolate cake! Which my dutiful husband covered in candles, he even managed to fit just the right number of candles on it!

To top my wonderful week off, I woke up this morning to find out that I had won a giveaway over at Sparkly Green Knickers! (pics will come)

And just a heads up, I'm planning on a giveaway of my own in the next few days, to link in with the SEWN launch party!