Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bee Anything!

Erin's blocks for February ~2

It's Erin's month in Bee Seam Piecing Down Under and she requested....... anything!! as long as it was at least  10.5 inches. Unfortunately I forgot to do a final measurement (oops) but the above block turned out around 13" square or was it 14"... I'm really happy with it though, I added in the floral/dotty piece of good folks and it really helped this block pop!

Erin's blocks for February ~1

This one I'm a little unsure about..... I was winging this one just a little too far out of my comfort zone, or maybe it's just that I'm not used to working with purple? Oh well Hopefully Erin likes it. This one was (I think!) 11" or 12" eek. I can't believe I forgot to measure!

Erin's blocks for February

For the siggy block, I just grabbed a hexie out and machine sewed it straight down, that green dot is one of my fav fabrics, simple but oh so me!

After I packed these into their envelope I prepped my sewing area, ready to start quilting my FMF quilt, my normal set up would not of worked for a quilt this massive!!! I'm hoping that it wont take too long to quilt, and  I'm also hoping the weather cools down enough soon for me to attach the binding! I'll probably post some "in-progress" pics during the week. Hope everyone is having a great weekend xx

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to you, and you, oh and to this little blog too!

We started off on the 23/01 making cupcakes for Laura to take to preschool the next day.

Then on the 24th January Laura turned 5!!!! (please excuse iPhone pic we had issues lol)
She freaked opening up her leapster explorer, and has been playing it quite often ever since!

Laura's 5th Birthday cake

She was at preschool all day having a blast with all her little friends, when it was time to have the cupcakes, she insisted on passing them out to all the kids! Then after dinner, we had her cake of choice, choc sponge with whipped cream in the middle and on top, and don't forget the strawberries mama!!!

I knew she was hungry but geez.......

This has become a new tradition, an eating the cake all by myself pic!!

utterly overwhelmed?

Then... on Friday (11/02) It was Imogene's turn!!  8! how did that happen!!!! Honestly she really did love her presents (as do I! I want one for myself!!) I just missed the happiest face!

Picnic at the park

Imee requested a fish and chips picnic on the town green, it was a lovely evening, the food was great and the girls had a blast, (and yep I made that quilt, it is my first and honestly that's the most you will see of it, eek!! what a mess it is!)

mmmmm Berry and smartie Pavlova!

Imee asked for a pavlova, and who am I to deny a gorgeous girl a bit of pav? Berries and smarties topped this one off, and what an awesome combo that turned out to be, yummmmmmmmy!!

Awwww cuddles

Had to put this pic up too, so lovely <3

Party time!!!!!

Imee had a birthday party the next day, we had 4 girls from school and my besties daughter, they were such a lovely bunch, we had a great time! This cake was a bit of a hit, when I cut it to reveal a rainbow the girls squealed! (I did a 6 colour marble cake) oh and I tricked Imee when it was time to blow the candles out, the are "magic re-lighting) candles, lol it was soooo funny!!

And now this little old blogs turn, the 12th of February marked 2 years!!!
So Thank You to everyone out there that has read, is reading, and will ever read!!
This mummy is going to keep on making for a long time to come!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fussy, Fussy, Fussy...

February block #1 for Seven Stitches

Amy of Seven Stitches requested square/rectangle in a square blocks for February in the Australasian Bee.

February block #2 for Seven Stitches

I love the gorgeous Retro kitchen fabric she sent out for us to use as the focus, very very cool!

February Blocks for Amy

I can't wait to see what the girls make for her, I love this style!

Flea Market Fancy Sandwich!

I should of posted this last time! Here is my FMF sandwich, yep that's the entire lounge room floor covered, much furniture moving was required to create that much space!

New Earrings

And (not that you can see it that well) here is a pic of my new earrings bought from Early Bird Creations, Skip over and have a look at her Etsy shop, to see the gorgeous and funky stuff she makes! I'm lucky enough to get to see her beautiful jewellery regularly at my local Artist Markets. Oh and I've just found her on Facebook too. No connections, Just a very happy, repeat customer!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Bee Block and a Back.

Ange's block for January

A bubble block for Ange, Australasian Bee.

The Back.

And the back for my flea market fancy quilt, I wanted it to be reversible and I'm pretty sure Ive achieved that, The fabrics are all from the Flora and Fauna Range by Patty Young, The binding will also be from the same range, ta dot in ebony. The quilt is sandwiched, thanks to my wonderful husband Mark, who helped me, this one is rather large at 90" square, and it took 1.5 hours to pin baste it, I dread to think what state my back would be in if I had of done it all by myself!!

Not much else happening here, The big girls have gone back to school, Charlotte is in year 4, in a 4/5/6 enrichment class, with a very fantastic teacher who we have known for a very long time. And Imogene is now in year 3, in a 3/4 with a new teacher to the school, who seems to be absolutely lovely! Laura has settled back into her 2 days of preschool, and has already brought half the sandpit home with her!! Miss Jocie is at home with me again this year, and I'm looking forward to some fun days together. I'm in the process of filling out enrollment/application forms for a diploma in architectural technology, so it should be quite the year for education!