Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Bee Block and a Back.

Ange's block for January

A bubble block for Ange, Australasian Bee.

The Back.

And the back for my flea market fancy quilt, I wanted it to be reversible and I'm pretty sure Ive achieved that, The fabrics are all from the Flora and Fauna Range by Patty Young, The binding will also be from the same range, ta dot in ebony. The quilt is sandwiched, thanks to my wonderful husband Mark, who helped me, this one is rather large at 90" square, and it took 1.5 hours to pin baste it, I dread to think what state my back would be in if I had of done it all by myself!!

Not much else happening here, The big girls have gone back to school, Charlotte is in year 4, in a 4/5/6 enrichment class, with a very fantastic teacher who we have known for a very long time. And Imogene is now in year 3, in a 3/4 with a new teacher to the school, who seems to be absolutely lovely! Laura has settled back into her 2 days of preschool, and has already brought half the sandpit home with her!! Miss Jocie is at home with me again this year, and I'm looking forward to some fun days together. I'm in the process of filling out enrollment/application forms for a diploma in architectural technology, so it should be quite the year for education!

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  1. My kids come home from childcare with so much sand in their shoes I'm not sure where they've fitted their feet!