Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've been a wee bit busy......


Firstly, We cleaned our room...... That sounds like a fairly normal, regular type thing to do, yes?
Well no actually, our room is was the last room in the house to get cleaned/tidied, and it was a pig sty.
I'm determined not to let it get like that ever, ever again! I like it clean, and tidy, though to be honest it looked as boring as, well you get the idea.......
Flea Market Fancy Flimsy

How better to make a room look amazing then to add that hand made touch? And what's a better hand made touch then a flea market fancy quilt?  So I took the layer cake and the charm pack (that I purchased an entire year ago!!), added in some beautiful Kona solids (tomato, medium pink, school bus, corn yellow, lime, robins egg, peacock, medium grey and coal) and did an alternating, checkerboard sort of pattern, but totally random, there are clumps and diagonal stripes here and there but I love it! And at a whopping 90" square it covers our queen sized bed quite nicely!

Flea Market Fancy Flimsy ~2

I decided I wanted this one to be reversible, don't worry I will show off the back once it's made, I'm just waiting for the fabric to arrive!!

A little love.....

I also whipped up this lovely heart garland, while watching a movie the other night (Pretty in Pink!) You can find the pattern Here.

Bee blocks for nanalizzie

Next up are some bee blocks for December/ January for Lizzie.

Bee block #2 for nanalizzie

Bliss with Kona Ivory.

Bee block #1 for nanalizzie

and Eden with white quilters muslin. These where fun to make, and Lizzie went super easy on us, with all the fabric pre-cut, so super quick too!

Thank you Jo!

And here is a huge, massive Thank You, to the wonderful, amazing, talented and generous Jo, of Sparkly Green Knickers. I won a giveaway a little while ago, and as happens, completely forgot about it! So this prize was extra exciting! I love the cushion cover, it fits in perfectly with the rest of mine in my lounge where bright and colourful is king! And when I saw those fabrics.... I screamed!! Mark looked at me like I had 2 heads lol!! but come on, Flea Market Fancy... wouldn't you scream too?? And that adorable Umbrella fabric? Well clearly its gorgeous, but you should see the selvage, instead of dots, they are sweet little bows <3

Now stop reading my boring, look at me, post and get your clicking finger over to Make it Perfect, and have a look at all the auctions and raffles, all the funds raised are going to the QLD Flood Relief, You can also donate directly or donate to the Victorian Flood appeal Here.


  1. I love that quilt , such a smiley , happy thing and your new cushion will go perfectly!

  2. There is just so much to love and admire here!