Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Love Bears

I had a great time with the girls making these, Charlotte and Imogene, did all the embroidery on theirs by themselves, they also chose their own colours. They were finished last Sunday, and have been well loved all ready.

They are sewn on calico, with thread I had laying around, I also couldn't find the polyfill, so i cut up a big stack of scrap batting to stuff them with.

They are so proud of their work!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Amigurumi Love Birds

I've been wanting to try out an amigurumi pattern for ages, So when I found this one, on the weekend I thought I might as well give it a go.

I found the pattern here, though I think you need to register to see the pattern, anyway it was super easy and fun, and oh so cute!!

The Love Bears are complete, just waiting to be photographed, hopefully I'll get around to that tonight!

Also my sewing/craft desks are finished, they just need to be moved into position!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Daddy Make WIP

The request:
 A craft/sewing table, and a computer desk.

Craft/sewing table
The Plan: 
Computer Desk- Long and narrow, the length of the short wall, extra width where the keyboard goes, Holes for cords, sturdy enough for the printer to be used without the fear of the monitor falling over.
Craft/Sewing table-
Part 1- A narrow but long sewing machine desk, that is sturdy enough, not to rock when my machine is going at full speed. With room to design at one end.
Part 2- A wide and long cutting table, with lots of inbuilt shelves, set at right angles to the other desk.

Some of the mountain of MDF
The materials:
MDF, Pine, Blood (my poor  toe), Sweat (Its still quite warm outside, where mark is building this), and thankfully so far, no tears!

Progress report:
Computer Desk- Complete, in use, still needs another light sand and second coat of paint on the top, and legs painted.
Part 1, Built, still needs to be sanded and painted.

Part 2- No progress to report.

Timber and MDF

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crochet and Cuteness

After seeing this post from my friend Roshanne over at Mumma Nature, I decided to give this crochet thing a proper go.
So I'm not so good at following patterns, though I know where I went wrong now....... but its cute and wearable and nice and warm for winter.  I found this really sweet, silky soft bamboo/cotton blend pink yarn  at spotlight for only $2 a ball, so the whole project only cost $8! 

How sweet is my littlest princess, with her big eyes that have caused a lot of debate in this house.  I wanted her to have blue eyes like me, Mark wanted her to have brown like him. Well she is going to do her own thing it seems and at the moment, best guess is  hazel.

I'm planning to do some embroidery with the girls on the weekend,  using this pattern, "Love Bear" from Andrea Zuill's blog Badbirds. So hopefully I'll have more to show after the weekend.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Green, Brown, Cream and PINK!

I haven't made much the last week or so, just another library bag, this time for my little sister, Its the same as Charlotte's and has already been delivered. 
So i thought i would share my latest fabric purchases and a lovely present from my husband.

Material Obsession by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke, I have been coveting this book for months, so Mark decided to buy it for me for our "Anniversary" (of when we met not wedding!)
Such a sweet heart, and such a beautiful book, the photos are stunning, and the quilts themselves are beautiful, there are quite a few in here on my "one day soon" list.

Some material for my stash, the pink with stars is for a pink and green quilt that i will make eventually. The pink flowers is for a bag for me, the apples for an apron, and the leaves, just because. 

This stack of greens and browns, and a cream, is for a quilt that im up to cutting stage on, stay tuned for some sneak peaks!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Laura's Quilt

I started Laura's quilt in March last year, I finished it in February this year. It was the second quilt that i started, and third to be finished. I adjusted a pattern from Handmade, from a lap quilt with scalloped edges to a bigger then single bed size with straight edges. 
I appliqued every single stem, flower, yo-yo and butterfly body by hand, each flower block took about 2 hours (i am a beginner after all!).
When it was all finished i was a little disappointed with my fabric choices, i wish i had gone for a tonal background, its so busy how it is that it kinda hurts your eyes!
Once again it is stippled all over, with a larger stipple in the big border and a smaller one in the middle. The backing is all the pink full moon forest print, and its bound in a different green with a dash of pink paisley print then the sashing as i didn't have enough of the original.

The real question is, Does Laura like it? the answer YES! Laura adores her "mummy make quilt" and even on the hottest nights insists it is on, Hence it is yet to be washed, i cant wait to see it when it has been I'm hoping for that lovely crinkly look that quilts get when you don't prewash the fabrics!