Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Daddy Make WIP

The request:
 A craft/sewing table, and a computer desk.

Craft/sewing table
The Plan: 
Computer Desk- Long and narrow, the length of the short wall, extra width where the keyboard goes, Holes for cords, sturdy enough for the printer to be used without the fear of the monitor falling over.
Craft/Sewing table-
Part 1- A narrow but long sewing machine desk, that is sturdy enough, not to rock when my machine is going at full speed. With room to design at one end.
Part 2- A wide and long cutting table, with lots of inbuilt shelves, set at right angles to the other desk.

Some of the mountain of MDF
The materials:
MDF, Pine, Blood (my poor  toe), Sweat (Its still quite warm outside, where mark is building this), and thankfully so far, no tears!

Progress report:
Computer Desk- Complete, in use, still needs another light sand and second coat of paint on the top, and legs painted.
Part 1, Built, still needs to be sanded and painted.

Part 2- No progress to report.

Timber and MDF

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