Friday, March 13, 2009

Crochet and Cuteness

After seeing this post from my friend Roshanne over at Mumma Nature, I decided to give this crochet thing a proper go.
So I'm not so good at following patterns, though I know where I went wrong now....... but its cute and wearable and nice and warm for winter.  I found this really sweet, silky soft bamboo/cotton blend pink yarn  at spotlight for only $2 a ball, so the whole project only cost $8! 

How sweet is my littlest princess, with her big eyes that have caused a lot of debate in this house.  I wanted her to have blue eyes like me, Mark wanted her to have brown like him. Well she is going to do her own thing it seems and at the moment, best guess is  hazel.

I'm planning to do some embroidery with the girls on the weekend,  using this pattern, "Love Bear" from Andrea Zuill's blog Badbirds. So hopefully I'll have more to show after the weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness just too cute!!!!

  2. Oh goodness, whats with the pointy hat? She looks like a little elf...a very cute one though I do have to say! So here you go, I've seen, I've commented, I've blogged...I'm even a follower now...You happy? Haha, cya wednesday.

  3. That is just beautiful - both the baby and the crochet you did!! Lovely!!