Sunday, March 1, 2009

Laura's Quilt

I started Laura's quilt in March last year, I finished it in February this year. It was the second quilt that i started, and third to be finished. I adjusted a pattern from Handmade, from a lap quilt with scalloped edges to a bigger then single bed size with straight edges. 
I appliqued every single stem, flower, yo-yo and butterfly body by hand, each flower block took about 2 hours (i am a beginner after all!).
When it was all finished i was a little disappointed with my fabric choices, i wish i had gone for a tonal background, its so busy how it is that it kinda hurts your eyes!
Once again it is stippled all over, with a larger stipple in the big border and a smaller one in the middle. The backing is all the pink full moon forest print, and its bound in a different green with a dash of pink paisley print then the sashing as i didn't have enough of the original.

The real question is, Does Laura like it? the answer YES! Laura adores her "mummy make quilt" and even on the hottest nights insists it is on, Hence it is yet to be washed, i cant wait to see it when it has been I'm hoping for that lovely crinkly look that quilts get when you don't prewash the fabrics!

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