Sunday, February 22, 2009

Learning to Crochet and a couple of library bags

I decided to learn how to Crochet, its harder then i thought but i think I'm getting it, I'm using the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlecraft, as well as online "how-to's". I was hoping to be able to make a cardigan for myself for this winter, but I've decided that that was way too adventurous for me, so instead I'm aiming to make a pair of booties for Jocie.
I was a little slow off the mark this year, when i decided to make Charlotte and Imogene's library bags, they only took an hour or so to whip up, then another half hour or so each to embroider.
Both together, and as usual, the same but different. The girls are close in age, so often want/need the same thing, but always in different colours.
A close up of Charlotte's, i hadn't got around to washing or ironing yet, but then i often don't do either until it actually needs to be washed.

This weekend was pretty much a blow out, so for a change I'm glad tomorrow is Monday!!

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