Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bee Anything!

Erin's blocks for February ~2

It's Erin's month in Bee Seam Piecing Down Under and she requested....... anything!! as long as it was at least  10.5 inches. Unfortunately I forgot to do a final measurement (oops) but the above block turned out around 13" square or was it 14"... I'm really happy with it though, I added in the floral/dotty piece of good folks and it really helped this block pop!

Erin's blocks for February ~1

This one I'm a little unsure about..... I was winging this one just a little too far out of my comfort zone, or maybe it's just that I'm not used to working with purple? Oh well Hopefully Erin likes it. This one was (I think!) 11" or 12" eek. I can't believe I forgot to measure!

Erin's blocks for February

For the siggy block, I just grabbed a hexie out and machine sewed it straight down, that green dot is one of my fav fabrics, simple but oh so me!

After I packed these into their envelope I prepped my sewing area, ready to start quilting my FMF quilt, my normal set up would not of worked for a quilt this massive!!! I'm hoping that it wont take too long to quilt, and  I'm also hoping the weather cools down enough soon for me to attach the binding! I'll probably post some "in-progress" pics during the week. Hope everyone is having a great weekend xx


  1. Great blocks Kelly, cant wait to see that flea market 'monster'!!!

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