Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thinking of Christmas.......and other bits and pieces!

Firstly a sneaky peak of Marlee's mini quilt, If it all works how I expect it too, it will be called "Macro".
And that's all I'm letting on for now!

Some fabric purchased from Hawthorne Threads.

And a little more, I desperately wanted to get some of that gorgeous Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson before it all disappeared! I really really adore the plaid, and it doesn't seem to be included in Meadowsweet2.
I'm trying to round out my stash a little more, all the colours of the rainbow!

More?? Yep but this pile of Nicey Jane fat quarters isn't for me...... Nope as part of Charlotte and Imogene's Christmas present they will each get some fabric and a promise of some mummy time, to begin to learn how to quilt, I will let them design it themselves, Ill teach them how to cut the fabric, and then sew it together, Ill help them baste it and the machine quilt all the layers, I'm hoping this will be a good long process for them, extend the present a bit. So anyway, This year Mark and I decided that enough was enough, They all have way too many toys, most of them don't get played with and there is a huge mess in the toy room. So this Christmas we are taking more time to THINK about what we are giving them. Here is the list so far:
Charlotte and Imogene each get some of the fabric above, while Laura and Miss Jocie will get a set of fabric bean bags each, you know the little 5" square things? They will all get a "tent" to share, (Just a big square of canvas stung up between the fence and washing line, to play under around in summer)

They will each get, a pair of ribbon rings, basically a wooden curtain ring with varying colour and length ribbons attached, I already picked up a pack of 20 for $2 at the op-shop they just need a quick clean and then ribbon attached, perfect for dancing, dress ups, and performances!
They will each get a couple of books, whether new or second hand I'm not sure yet, The girls don't seem to be bothered about getting second hand books to read, and that way we can afford more (no such thing as too many books in our house!)
The outfit each as described in a previous post. Maybe a felt crown each, or maybe something else along those lines. A brand new pair of summer Pj's they will get these on Christmas eve. And then there will be a present from Santa, We don't do big Santa presents, but always something fun! This year he is bringing a box of 11 different percussion instruments, as well as a some treat foods and most importantly a packet of paracetamol for mummy and daddy!! And yep that is it. No plastic crap this year, they will still get those sorts of things, just not from us!

Do you ever just need to make something really quickly? I do, and most of my quilt projects are long ones, However while we were in Bendigo I stopped into Honeysuckle cottage and picked up a "Puti de Pomme" quilt kit, it is utterly lovely and took only about 45 minutes to put the whole top together!

Another 45 minutes later and I had the back together, Yep a whole quilt top and back in one single 20 month old nap time!! And another little while that night I had it basted and ready for quilting!

This is my new night time sitting on the lounge project! I'm doing this whole thing by hand and it is painful, I'm using Perle cotton and a big needle, but the linen fabric is really hard to get through especially 2 layers!! Its about 42"x45" and hopefully I will have it completed for Miss Jocie's 2nd birthday in December, along with a dress and a dolly cradle, (yep we are making that ourselves too!) and some linen for the cradle!

Almost at the end now!, I thought I'd show you all where my best photos are taken, well see that one box in the wall unit that isn't stuffed to the hilt with junk? yep there! It sort of works like a light box, the clear space next to it is where Miss Jocie is often found. (and quickly removed from!)
One last thing.....

Introducing Archie, he is a 4yr old Maltese x shi-tzu, that we are looking at adopting, we are a day into the trial period, and very much in love with this very clever little guy, Ill tell you more next time, you must be exhausted from reading all this, lol!!


  1. what a wonderful post. We too try very hard not to buy plastic stuff. With a teenage boy and another on the way there though it's nearly impossible to make anything they would like. Luckly they are right into their sports so are happy with any new sports equipment!!! LOL. Sophie on the other hand gets lots of handmade goodies for herself and her dollies.

  2. Good minds think alike! these gifts sound wonderful and im sure your girls will love them. I know exactly how you feel about the plastic - it all just gets piled into the bottomless toy box never to be seen again! i too am trying to do the 'handmade christmas' i guess you just have to start early!
    ps. from one fabric addict to another - LOVE the new threads!

  3. Good on you for trying to be as plastic free as possible. Handmade presents are so much nicer and more meaningful! Love the idea of giving your girls fabric to teach them to quilt!

  4. Oooooh, oooh, pretty!
    I'm so excited!

    It's also really good you are doing the simple Christmas thing. I think the present that they will remember the most are the ones (like with the learning to quilt thing) where they got to spend time with you and learn a valubale skill rather than just getting some plastic toy that they will forget in a couple of years.

  5. He is adorable!!
    Can totally relate to the christmas thing. It's madness and I'm actually, usually really over it by the time it arrives. All the advertising, christmas stock in the shops...months ahead of time, STOP!! Anyways I haven't made any plans...