Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All over the place

We have had the most disgusting week in our family's history. 8 long horrible gross days of the worst Gastro bug that I've ever been unlucky enough to witness. Massive amounts of weight was lost, huge amounts of food went uneaten straight to the bin, so so many loads of washing *sigh* Its over now.
Anyway... above is Miss Jocie's Birthday dress, a little early (2+ months!) Made from a pattern by Dear My Kids the Reversible Tunic Top/Dress, This is the dress version. I chopped 3" off the sleeves to make them 3/4, and didn't add the elastic, I wanted them looser for our hot aussie summer.

 As I have come to expect from Karen's Patterns, this dress went together easily and beautifully, and the finished product makes me feel like a professional!

 A couple more phone pouches, the blue/grey is for my besties birthday, the Beatles was requested by my baby brother (almost 16!) for his camera.

 And Mummy dearest requested a cushion to match her quilt for her birthday last week.

I couldn't resist the adding the hexies to the back, those things are addictive!!

And speaking of addictive, Ive now been without sugar for 1.5 nearly 2 weeks, and going well.


  1. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend at your house...being sick is not fun. Love the dress! That is some of my favorite fabric...so sweet!

  2. Your goodies have all turned out exeptional, that little dress is a real winner. At least you got something other then washing done :)

  3. Gorgeous creations here Kelly, but oh how awful to have that much sickness for so long. So glad to hear you are all better. xo

  4. hope you are feeling better loving those camera cases!