Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bee Blocks, another sneaky peak and a huge mess!

It was Jules turn in August for the Australasian quilting bee, She asked for a building, and trees, stars etc as fillers and a siggy block. I really hope she likes them, it was my first proper go at machine applique, and I really really hope I did it right!

It took me ages and ages to work out what building to use, and only today did I finally decided on the windmill!

Another sneaky peak for Marlee, (insert evil laugh here).

And just in case anyone thought I was being "mean" this is the normal, though not parent approved, state of the girls toy/clothes room. And that is not even close to all of it. Though we have started culling, it is really really hard, everything you see was a gift from someone at some point, So far the rubbish and broken toys have been chucked, and one bag has been given to charity. There is still so much to sort out *sob*.


  1. hahaha...Oh god that's good to see. I think I would feel right at home at your place:)

  2. I meant to say also that your windmill is absolutely gorgeous:)