Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ta Da!!!!!!! The Flea Market Fancy Monster Quilt!!

FMF Monster

FMF Monster ~ Back

FMF Monster ~ quilting detail

FMF Monster on the rocks

FMF Monster on the hilllside

FMF Monster at the beach

FMF Monster ~ both sides

Theres not a lot left to be said really.
(90" square)
Still trying to come up with a better name, monster just sounds so ugly!

The Journey:
Finding the fabric. 29/01/10
Finished the Flimsy. 20/01/11
The Back. 03/02/11
The Sandwich. 09/02/11
Quilting. 02/03/11
Quilt Saviour. 21/03/11


  1. Kelly it is absolutely incredible, I love it. Fabulous job you have done and i adore the photo's you have taken, absolutely wonderful. xo

  2. call it the "ten in a bed" quilt or something funny like that...cos you could cover ten in a bed with that!! Photos are awesome!!

  3. Oh my it is huge!! Well done it looks great!

  4. I love it and the backing fabric with the birds is gorgeous. The photos are brilliant! I love the way it shines from the fence like a giant flag.

  5. Its magnificent Kelly! Really great photos of it too! I bet it feels good to be finished, x