Monday, March 21, 2011

A bit busy...

Last week I started a course through OTEN, Diploma of Architectural Technology.
Last week I left a window open in my bedroom while I went out to do the school run and do a few errands, when I got home my front hall had water half way down it, my bedroom door was covered, my bedroom floor had water so deep it went over my feet when I stood on it, the opposite wall, 3+ metres from the window was wet. My mattress was wet. Thankfully, my FMF quilt with its lovely bamboo batting layer soaked up most of the water that hit the bed..... It was sooooooooooo heavy.
On the weekend we pulled back the carpet and hired a de-humidifier, it sucked out 30-35 litres of water out of our room, the carpet is dry, the mattress is dry and my house no longer has that putrid wet dog odour.
Today, I was supposed to be studying all day (its a distance course) instead I spent most of the day cleaning up after poor little miss Jocie who seems to have caught a tummy bug. I expect it to go through the rest of us over the coming week. Joy.

I'll be back soon...... maybe after the weekend? Hopefully with the finished project pics of my FMF quilt, maybe ill change its name....... mattress saver? nah.... any ideas??

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  1. Wow was that from the rain? Glad to hear the FMF quilt was unscathed! Hope Miss Jocie is feeling better and the bug doesnt go through the rest of you guys! Have a great week x