Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quilt Sandwich. and a question!

Last night I finally got around to laying out, and sandwiching Charlotte's quilt.

Pin basted, and ready to go.

I'm going to quilt it with wobbly lines running vertically, but not evenly spaced, except for around the applique's and a couple of other spots, which I am planning on hand quilting. 

Now for the question, What colour thread should I be using? I'm tossing up between, pale pink, pale green, white, or a variagated pink, what do you think? or something else entirely? 


  1. i can't give advice ... it so beautiful i don't want to be responsible for doing anything to it. but i'll stand in the corner and ooh and ahh over how delicious it loos. good enough to eat.

  2. Hi Kelly , looks stunning , if I was quilting I would use white thread because I would think the focus was on the appliques and patchwork, but I think whatever you use will be beautiful.

  3. The variegated pink would be pretty if it is light enough pink. Otherwise I would use a very pale pink or a white.
    The quilt is very pretty.