Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Dress for Miss Jocie

The only way to keep her still these days, is to attach her to a parent!

I made this dress a couple of weeks ago using some wool flannel suiting I had in my stash, I didn't have a pattern so made one myself! There is way too much ease in it though, but at least it will last a couple of winters!, I finished the neckline and armholes with purple bias binding. 

It zips in the back with a repurposed grey zipper.

And a little doily embroidered with a Mummy drawn mushroom. (click to enlarge)
It should keep her toasty on blustery days! 


  1. That's really lovely. Is it her favourite dress now? I love wool flannel, so soft. It's great that she can grow into it a bit, be a shame if she only got to wear it for a short time. xo

  2. Oh, and I had a close up look at your mushroom - as suggested :) - and that too is very sweet. xo