Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coats for The Big Girls..

How cute are these coats!! Made from some Boucle jacketing on sale for only $8 a metre, and some sweet and cheap, only $3 a metre! fabric for the lining, These coats work out really cheap, even factoring in the cost of the pattern, $5.99 USD from Dear My Kids on Etsy, (Quick go and have a look they have lots of very cute kidlet clothes!) They are way way cheaper to make then they would of been to buy!

For the front closure I went with just one lining fabric covered button with a snap sewn on underneath for the proper fastening, It would of looked good with two buttons too, but heck they are expensive and I was going for economical!

I love the lining for Charlies coat, It picks up the blue tones from the outer really nicely, and it suits her very well I think!

The back has a curved yoke to echo the front, which is hard to see in this fabric, but would make a nice feature in a solid colour.

Of course Imogene got the pink one, nothing surprising there! 

I love the lining of hers too, I am absolutely going to use the leftovers for facings in a skirt for myself at some point!

Can you sort of see the curved yoke at the front here? I love the peter pan collars too, so girly and sweet.

The girls love there new coats too thankfully, and in a couple of weeks time they are going to really love them, As we are leaving our temperate town for a 2 week holiday south, Yep we are driving south for the winter, crazy huh?!, Off to Bendigo, Ballarat, then Melbourne!! I can't wait!!
In the meantime I have a heap of winter sewing to get done, Laura's coat is finished but needs a pic or two taken, and Miss Jocie's is cut out, ready to sew, I also need a skirt, and Charlotte and Miss Jocie need some new pj pants *sigh* so much to do, so little time!


  1. Wow, those coats are beautiful. I have the Oliver+S coat pattern that I was going to make for my kids but this winter is already upon us and I haven't even traced off the pattern yet! Maybe next year...

  2. You've done a fantastic job on these coats well done!

  3. Those coats look wonderful. Well done.

  4. Amazing! Clothing totally intimidates me, but you have a gift!