Monday, June 7, 2010

June block for Australasian Bee.

This is Monika's block for June for the Australasian Bee, I love the fabric combo she chose, this quilt is going to look fab! I still have to make her a signature label.

I had some good luck this morning, I managed to score another vintage sheet for only $2 at my fav local oppy, as well as a gorgeous teal and coral jacket for Miss Laura for only $3!! I went to a couple of others this afternoon but despite it only being 3:45pm they were closed, they were supposed to be open till 4pm, I admit I was pretty annoyed, getting all 4 girls in and out of the car is pretty tedious, At least only 2 need me to do them up these days! Anyway, I'll pop back in to the other ones later this week, I want to get more vintage sheets before the swap in July! 

1 comment:

  1. Love the block. And can't wait to see what vintage sheet goodness you have found when it passes through my house in July!