Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pretty Miss Jocie.

Isn't she just precious? I knocked this dress out for her today, just a basic pillowcase style, I just winged it. Turned out pretty good, should fit her for a while, and I figure she can wear it over a long sleeved Tee, and tights come winter.

Not a very happy girl today though, she has a sore behind her ear which is a little infected, plus more teeth coming through, topped off with her afternoon nap cut very short by noisy big sissy's.  She is 14.5mths now, and is an absolute delight most of the time, (which is a really nice change from her older sister!) She is slowly starting to make more sounds, that sound like words, she managed a very clear "ME" the other night, she wanted more chocolate cake lol!

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