Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing with fit.

Before adjusting the bodice.
So I decided to extend myself, and rather then just buy a pattern, and make a dress, I thought it would be a good time to start learning about fit, my body is a rather odd shape, and quite often will range over several sizes, Ive found (so far) that if the bust is right then It will fit, but not necessarily very well, and to be honest I have NEVER made a muslin before (actually this is from calico lol), Im so glad that this time I did! Overall this dress fit me very well, I have only done one mod, Ive chopped about 5/8" off the bottom of the bodice, when I sew it up "for real" I will also extend the length of the pleats slightly. So basically I was able to easily mod this pattern to fit me really well, Only problem is I don't know WHY that particular mod needs doing! Is it about bust size, posture, etc. I know why I need to lengthen the pleats, that's all about my broken body,  looking like I'm 3 months pregnant (which for the love of god you rude strangers I.AM.NOT!!!!!).
I'm planning on (surprise, surprise) making this up in a black slightly shiny textured fabric, it is most certainly a "going out for dinner with the husband and NO kids" kind of dress. I wonder if I will ever get a chance to actually wear it hmmm.   Oh before I completely forget it is Burda 7759, and I'm going sleeveless.
After adjustments.
Anyway..... This year marks something interesting for me, I'm enrolling in a TAFE course, Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology, I'm fairly sure that the sewing education of given myself will help me out, and at the same time I will be able to fill in some of those annoying gaps. If anyone has done this course or the cert 3, 4 or diploma I would love to hear your opinion, heck even if you haven't I would love to hear your opinions!

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  1. Good luck with the course - sounds like it would be fun! Love your muslin dress - I should learn to do that - I have the same problem with finding dresses that fit well.