Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going round in squares.

First up, some stash busting hooking for a new cushion for my lounge, It's just one giant granny square, about 16" square, using 8 ply wool from spotlight. I have no idea yet how to turn it into a cushion, I suppose I will just hand sew it onto a neutral cushion cover.

I still need to weave the ends in and block it.

Ive been inspired by all the wash/dish cloth making going on over here, this one is just straight dc with a sc border, It came out at around 9.5" square.

I figured I'd make a few more and put them away for mother's day stalls. It's good productive sitting in front of the T.V crafting!

And finally, We did some kitchen functionality work a couple of weeks ago, (I have finally got a dishwasher and a pantry!!) and we were left with a small space that need tiling, which we had never done before, (if you can't tell from the photo!) So we need to re-grout these but hey, we knew we couldn't do it perfect, let alone good enough, so we went funky instead! It's quite the fun little surprise when you walk into the kitchen to see this on the floor! Anyway must dash, hope everyone out there is having a fantastic week! Next post will probably be all about clothes, mostly failures lol!!

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  1. HI Kelly... Lucy at attic 24 done a tutorial on how to make a cushion cover from an old jumper... (or at least I think she did I could have dreamt it!!)

    Another option - just make another granny for the back and sew them together?

    Love your cloths too... always so handy to have a stash.