Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Madeleine Mini-Bloomers!!

I've had a shocking run lately of making clothes for myself that are just completely unwearable, It knocks me around quite a bit, I start questioning my ability, my body, my intelligence. Sewing directly effects my state of mind, if things are going well, then I am going well, If things are not turning out, or don't fit, then yeah I'm not doing so well, I sew for sanity!

Anyway, I saw this pattern featured somewhere recently, Its a free download from Colette Patterns, and it is just gorgeous!! I love the double row of elastic around the waist, the fit is great, they sit low down on the hips, which is super comfy for me. I will be wearing these as pj's, so I made them out of some super soft Japanese cotton that I rescued from the remnants bin at spotlight for $6, (a bit over a metre) The only thing I changed, was using elastic instead of ribbon around the legs, then adding a little bow at the end.

I have a few other completed clothing projects to share, one of which is actually a "wearable" which I made before my run of "unwearable's"!


  1. They are really gorgeous! And they look super comfy too :)

  2. oh WOW - this are sew gorgeous! feminine, flirty, and they look really comfy too. the pattern is adorable (i'm off to take a look at it for myself!) and that fabric - and for $6. it looks like super expensive stuff. great job! and I know what you're saying about when things go right or when things go wrong. great little blog you have here - i'm gonna follow!