Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cushion #3

So this is the final (at least for now!) Cushion for my lounge room, I really liked playing with the Log cabin blocks, working out the best arrangement etc. I quilted this one again with orange thread but this time in a square spiral, which was fun, and I really like the effect it gives.

I also fussy cut the fabric for the buttons on the back of this one, to give each button it's own little flower.

I other news, It was our 4th wedding anniversary last week, and my darling husband, bought me Material Obsession 2 and Sea Sew by Lisa Hannigan!!!!! I have been lusting after both the book and CD for months! We also went out for dinner, and by "We" I mean, all. of. us., And I have to say that my darling little girls were so perfectly behaved that I am still in shock, I mean usually they all muck up, carry on, make a mess, generally leave us wondering why we thought it was a good idea. But this time, nope, every one of them, was a little darling, They all ate their food with there mouths closed,( OK maybe not Jocie, but she isn't even 9 months yet so she doesn't count when it comes to mess and lack of manners, but she didn't cry!!) They didn't even argue!! Ahhh it's moments like those, that make me realise that we must be doing something right!!

And finally, I called into my LQS, actually the only independent quilt shop left in my large town, 2 others have closed down in the last year :( , To find they had not only moved and had a new owner (one of the ladies that has worked there for years!) but were also having a sale! I picked up all but the stripes for $3 a FQ!!
I hope everyone has enjoyed the first day of spring or autumn/fall if your on the other side!!


  1. Those cushions look absolutely gorgeous! I love them all, but the one in front is my fave!

  2. love your cushions and aren't the Material Obsession books fantastic. I love them both.