Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cushion #2

More Park Slope fabrics, and Dumb Dots, with an orange fabric from spotlight on the back. This one was really quick, and I'm not entirely happy with the quilting, but I figure no one but me will notice anyway!
For the next cushion, I'm thinking of log cabins, Probably just one big one, not sure yet......

I did get more than this done in the last week, I also managed to sew 3 circle skirts for the school concert, and take up a pair of pants for my bestie, not bad when my sewing time is so severely limited at the moment.

And a photo of some more beautiful Freesia's out of my garden.


  1. Gorgeous cushion and how amazing are those flowers!!!! Just too pretty! :)

  2. Here's a belated thank you for the pants...haha! You know, catchin up on your blog has made me realise I haven't been to your house in AGES!!! Oops!