Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well the green and brown quilt is finished!!!!!! But I can't show too much of it just yet, you will all have to wait a few more weeks!

There hasn't been a lot of crafting happening here lately, I have been preoccupied with house stuff, trying to stop our local council putting in a massive fast food restaurant less then 50 metres from my house (grrrrr) and of course school holidays, the usual sicknesses, and my now very mobile commando crawling/almost real crawling little baby girl.

Next on my (very very long) to-do list is some new cushions for the lounge room, hopefully I will have some progress to show with those in the next few days!!

I also had another package arrive, this time from The Fat Quarter Shop. More Wonderland!! I love this range!
Jo from Sparkly Green Knickers, has made a beautiful picnic quilt from this fabric range, have a look here.

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  1. Your green and brown quilt looks lovely. Isn't the wonderland range gorgeous? I just discovered it (through you I think!), I just love the down the rabbit hole circles. xo