Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pants and Tantrums

So I finally worked out why Imogene could never keep a pair of pants up, She has a long torso, no bum, and short legs, every pair of pants I've bought her since she has been out of nappies would just fall down, belts helped but were annoying. So I finally worked out that the pants in the shops all had too low a rise. For some reason I've never made a pair of pants for Imee before, but this year I had to! I pulled out Burda 9706, which I've used a few times before to make pants for Charlotte and Laura, Pulled this fabric out of my bulging box of dress fabrics, I think its a cotton ripstop but I'm not 100% on that, and got to work.

Verdict: She loves them!! and the very best bit, I don't have to follow her around saying "pull up your pants" every 5 seconds!! The rise in these pants is quite high, so perfect for Imee! She also loves having her photo taken, such a poser!!

Laura also needed new pants, The ones she had been wearing, were turning into 3/4 pants! For hers I used up some lovely soft lilac cord that had also been languishing in my stash, with a cuff of the same material I used to back her doll quilt. Unfortunately she was not in the mood for photos.....

Here she is when I first turned the camera in her direction.....

Then she bolted.....

I don't know where she thought she was going, but I finally got an O.K shot of the pants!

Then she bolted again, I handed the camera too mark and took off after her as soon as this shot was taken because I realised she wasn't going to stop! That's Charlotte in the foreground there. After this photo when I caught Laura the tantrum kicked in big time, she screamed all the way back to the car, she is 3, I really dislike this aspect of 3, but she will grow out of it!

And to end on a happier note, here is Jocie, at 6mths, laughing at funny mummy with the clicky thing! She is such a lovely baby, and getting mobile now too, she is rolling and shuffling around on all over the floor, she is also trying to crawl, eek!!

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