Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I really, really need to wash my windows.......

We found him last week, slowly pulling himself and his cocoon up the window.
Then a few days ago, I was informed that he was on the move again, so quickly grabbed the

The cocoon is about 15 cms long.

Anyone have any idea what he is? He has moved along now, Into the jungle that is supposed to be a garden, I'm hoping I will spot him again! But at least now I will be able to wash my windows!

Also I forgot to mention in my last post, SEWN is up and it looks absolutely fantastic!!!
And, I won two of the giveaways in the launch party!! Some beautiful fabric from Cathy at Cabbage Quilts! Thank you Cathy!

And a book, "Textiles" from Sarah of SEWN and The Last Piece for the participating bloggers draw!! Thank you Sarah!

And just to add some more randomness to this post, My girls made me a "cake"!

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  1. Kelly, my parcel arrived today! Thank you!!!! Those prints charming FQ's are just so soft aren't they?