Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another finish ~ Imogene's Quilt!

The quilt center is needle turn appliqued, and hand quilted with Perle 8, the butterfly's and ladybirds are from a pattern by Kellie of Don't look now.

The pinwheels are 6"square.

The back.

A close up of the quilting on the back of the pinwheel section.

and of course, Imogene wrapped up in her quilt <3
It finished at approx 54" x 84" minus shrinkage which I haven't checked yet!

While we were outside with the camera, I grabbed Laura and Miss Jocie's Coats for a quick photo shoot. This was the most natural smile we could get out of Laura!

And trying to get Miss Jocie to look up was rather, well, amusing!

And one last pic of Miss Jocie, The second I took her coat off she ran away, and there is nothing quite like a big cloth bum lol! (though I could do without the washing ewww)

Thank you all for all the lovely comments you have been leaving me lately, I normally try to respond to all of them but I've been a bit side tracked, with "stuff". I should be back to my normal awkward replies by Tuesday. And don't forget:


  1. gorgeous quilt, so very pretty.

  2. That quilt is just stunning, both front and back are beautiful! I love pinwheels (though they frustrate me) and the combination of pinks is excellent!

  3. Wow, look at all those pinwheels. So much work has gone into it, it looks amazing