Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And then there were three...

Sewing Machines that is! This little beauty found it's way into our house on Sunday, after being picked up at a local market for $30, She is a Singer 99K, from the 50's, I can't work out the exact year as the prefix letter on her serial number doesn't appear to be documented anywhere.

She can do anywhere from 6 to 30 stitches per inch, and also reverse! She runs fine, but absolutely needs a little pampering (And oil!!) She is electric, and even has the cutest little light attachment!

She came with only the standard foot, but I also have a ruffler that fits her perfectly. And now I know how to use it thanks to the original manuals that came with her!

Apparently she can sew through almost anything, so once she's had some TLC, she will become my bag sewing machine, and also standby for when Stitchy (come on, I'm not the only one who names her appliances!) needs a service.

Aww and just look at her case, so retro! I think I will name her Susie. ( to go with Sucky the vacuum cleaner, Betty the Kitchenaid, Stitchy my Brother sewing machine and Ollie the overlocker. LOL)

And another sneak peak of Imogene's quilt, which is sooo close to being finished now, I just have to hand stitch the binding down and add some hand quilted goodness in the centre.

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  1. she's a beauty! i have an OLD singer too and i swear by it!

  2. Oh she's a real beauty for sure!
    My husband loves to op-shop and do the tip shop rounds etc. and has come home with a number of lovely old sewing machines. I really love that yours has the original manuels with her also:)

  3. Very envious of your find - well done!! Although I don't really need anymore as my counts up at 6! x

  4. Susie is beautiful and look at that quilt - looks amazing! Cant wait to see the finished photos!

  5. she is lovely! And no, you're not the only one to name machines. My sewing machine is named Bart.