Saturday, May 22, 2010

What an Awesome Day!

To start, We went to my favorite Op-shop, where I scored not one but three (3!), beautifully hand knitted Jumpers, the first one, I'm pretty sure is a 100% wool, I doubt it has been washed more than once!, it has amazing detail in it (if you click the above pic it should show an even larger one) with the sweetest little fake wood buttons, it fits Miss Charlie (approx size 7 to 8), well sort of, it's a touch big, but it will see her through two maybe even three winters, the most amazing part is that it only cost $4! can you even get a skein of wool for that price? let alone the hours and hours that some one put into this! Well I can tell you it will be loved and worn and cared for in this house!!

Next up was this lovely little jumper, Im not sure about the fibre content of this one, but it is lovely and soft, and Im fairly certain, brand new! Can you believe someone donated this?! This one will go to Miss Laura (approx size 5) and once again, the workmanship is well appreciated in this house, and well I just have a *thing* for cream wool knit jumpers, I think it is because my Mum had a friend of hers make me one for my 10th birthday and I love it, I still have it and get it out occasionally, the girls will get to wear it when they are older!

Ta DA! is what this one says to me everytime I look at it! It will fit Miss Jocie, but definitely on the big side, its probably a largish size 2, I love the green stripes. Again not sure on the fibre content of this one, though its most likely an acrylic of some sort, hopefully it will be fairly easy to wash though! I also picked up a cute long sleeved blouse for Charlotte and a pair of lovely girly green cords for Laura, plus they got a book each, all up $17 BARGAIN!!! It's just a shame there was nothing for Imogene today, oh well next time!

Not done yet, we headed into town, to my local quilt shop, I honestly was just picking up some more leads for my sewline pencil (love that thing!), but of course, there happened to be a sale on *sigh* so I had to pick up a couple of fat quarters of wonderland dots, which were only $3.50 each! Then I saw the the hunky dory fat quarter, that blue is just lovely, this one was full price $6 but ah well you know!! Then I spotted the piece of good folks in the remnant bin, $12 for .8m Bargain!! so it came home with me too!

Then Mark went to get this! I think I must be a bad influence on him, because this is his first tattoo too! and yes it was his (late) birthday present (mine was an early birthday present!) So your probably wondering why he got a barcode? Basically a barcode is exactly that, a code, this one is actually the first initial of my name plus all of the girls names so, K, C, I, L, A, J.  He debated about getting the initials underneath, but at the end of the day, he can have them added later if he wants to, but to get them removed if he didnt like them would be mega painful! I think he will get a pacman next!

Ok then, This evening I got to work, First I finished off the outer shell for Imogene's winter coat, (a whole post or two will be dedicated to the 4 winter coats Im sewing for the girls soon) So while I was in sewing mode, I quickly patched 2 pairs of Charlotte's PJ pants, these ones were really really bad.

But these ones were more upsetting, they are "mummy make" Pj's! Anyway its an absolute pain to sew patches on to pants without ripping a side seam first, but i managed a dodgy job, and charlotte has been told in no uncertain terms to stop walking around the house on her knee's! (and I still have a pair of jeans of hers to go *sob*)

One last thing! I whipped up this skirt for Charlotte tonight too, it was most recently a drop waisted pinafore dress with pleats on the skirt. It looked down right awful on every single one of my girls! I had originally made it for Charlie so figured she should be the one to benefit from the recon!, I just cut it off at the end of the back zip, added a elastic waist and bingo new winter skirt, the material is so soft and pretty, it has a pink stripe through it too. Oh and I salvaged the buttons and the zip from the original which I intend to use again soon. 

Ok folks that was my day today, How was yours? anyone had any good op shop scores? or have any tips for patching pants? I love it when I get comments, so please feel free to say Hi!

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  1. Wow, what a post Kelly, I don't know where to start! Congrats on all the fabulous bargains you have found (including my favourite good folks fabric!). I love op shopping and its always fun to see what other people find. Great tat, I wonder if he was scanned at Coles whether the machine would beep? The clothes you whip up are amazing. I can do quilts, but I'm not so good with clothes. xo