Tuesday, May 4, 2010

27 and the Tart that Mark made.

So yesterday I turned 27, Ouch, each year hurts a little more, this year the pain was taken away when my wonderful Hubby Mark, decided that he was going to make me a cake, all. by. himself! Now the man has many talents, he plays quite a few different Instruments, and is well known for his computer nerdery (his profession) he also has a way with mdf, he is not shy when it comes to housework or general cooking duties, and of course he is a wonderful involved parent. However up until now, the extent of his "making dessert" involved putting a pie in the oven or serving ice cream, certainly nothing close to this masterpiece, which by the way is a "Bitter Chocolate Meringue Tart" from Seasons by Donna Hay, It was AMAZING!!!!!  and there is some left for tonight too!! Now I'm left to plot and plan and make him something equally as awesome for his birthday which is next week, any one have any suggestions?


  1. A big Happy Birthday to you for yesterday Kelly! What a thoughtful husband you have, the tart looks fabulous! May he have a wonderful birthday next week too! xo

  2. Happy Birthday Kelly, you're a lucky girl having such a domesticated man. Enjoy the rest of your week!