Monday, May 10, 2010

Progress on Fanciful Flowers.

Five down nine to go! The one above is my very very favorite (so far), My applique skills are slowly improving, I still need to work on my tension though as its a bit tight I think.

I have only squared up a couple of the blocks so far, and they really could of used a good pressing before I took the pics, but better creased than never!

I'm really enjoying this quilt, and I am hoping to quilt it by hand with perle cotton and big stitches, at this stage I'll be really happy If I can get it on our bed by the end of the year! But realistically I probably won't have it finished till next winter (as in 2011) lol!

I love the swirly bit on this one.

Happy Mother's Day for yesterday to all my mummy readers! It was a fairly typical day here, with the addition of some very sweet gifts from my girls, a pair of earrings, a fake tattoo (!!lol!!) a new pair of slippers and lots and lots of handmade cards telling me how much they love me! We also went to see my Mum, and Mark's mum. All in all a nice day! I hope you all had a lovely day too!


  1. I love these flowers Kelly, don't they look fabulous in the Mo Mo fabrics. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day. xo

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  3. Oh I love them - I have the fanciful flowers on my never ending list of 'must do' projects! Can't wait to see more of yours