Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Lots of Spring stuff going on around here, A new Veggie patch and a lot of organising, cleaning still to come (arghhh) Which is leaving very little time for sewing.

Veggie patch with, Tomato's, chives, basil, mixed capsicum (peppers), dwarf stringless beans, then a few nasturtiums in front. This is Veggie patch #3, Long story short I change my mind a lot!

We needed to clear some space in the garage to make a play room for the kiddo's so a garden shed was in order. This was a lot of fun to put up, Adult Meccano!! I highly recommend it as a great way to use up an entire weekend.....

This beautiful rose bush, is a bit of a surprise, I knew that it was there, but this is the first time I have seen it flower, previously it wasn't getting any where near enough sunshine to get it going.

I have been sewing a little mostly this:

A few butterflies and ladybirds here and there across Charlotte's coin quilt, My original plans got scrapped, so I will have to find a use for that massive amount of Bias that I cut, lol!

I'm having a bit of a blog crisis at the moment, I have too many in my reader,(200+) so I'm cutting it down, well trying too anyway, right now I have over 200 unread posts and that is only 2 days worth. I need to get ruthless. (but I will miss all the pretty pictures!) Thoughts? anyone else out there a blog reading addict?

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