Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finished Top!!

Charlotte's quilt top is done, Yay!! Don't look to closely there are some rather largish mistakes! The butterfly and ladybird templates are from a pattern by Kellie of Don't Look Now, I needle turned them on, then embroidered some antennae and flight paths for the ladybirds.
Onto the backing, I'm going to piece some leftover coins horizontally, and I was also thinking of adding in a pieced puppy block. Not sure yet.....

The storm yesterday didn't end up hitting at all, we got only a couple of drops of rain, very disappointing!


  1. Ooooh - that's really lovely!! I really like the butterflies! It's sooo pretty! :)

  2. What a really beautiful quilt. Love the fabrics!

  3. Hey Kelly! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love how your coin quilt turned out!

  4. Ohhh, its very pretty. Very pink for Charlie though, I am suprised, but I like it!