Thursday, October 15, 2009

Linen and Beans......

So I got some sewing for me done, The skirt I made a couple of weeks ago now, it is a very basic A-Line with a drawstring waist, Made with a Grey linen/cotton, very comfy. I made a black one as well, which is exactly the same but a little bit shorter, not much though, I'm a prude when it comes to showing my legs. These skirts are my favorite things ever right now, with a constantly changing waistline (weird stupid hormones) its nice to have something that will still fit at the end of the day.
The Singlet, is well a bit of a mess really! it looks very much like I made it myself, in home-ec in year 7, if you know what I mean! Navy blue, cotton knit with a lot of firm stretch, cream lingerie elastic around the top and for the front straps, re-purposed adjustable pale blue bra straps in the back. I didn't use a pattern, just traced it off a much loved singlet that fit well.

And some beans........ Yep they sprouted and have survived a few days, lets see just how much longer it will be till I kill 'em.

On other things, I think I have worked out my blog addiction problem, I'm separating the blogs in my feed into two folders, Must reads, and general reads. So far so good still have 200+ blog posts, but I have at least managed to look at and leave comments on a lot of my fave blogs today.


  1. fantastic skirt, i love the waistband idea:)

  2. Thanks Kelly - could I be one of your faves then? It is always lovely to meet new bloggers - well done on tackling your own clothes - I am too chicken to make stuff for myself!

  3. Great skirt Kelly - what pattern did youuse?? I love the idea of an adjustable waist - of course I always plan for them to need to be taken in but that doesn't often happen!

  4. I love the skirt- perfect warm weather attire. I am so jealous that you are planting and having things sprout up. It is getting so dark and grey and cold here! Though, actually the sun is out for this moment right now!