Monday, January 9, 2012

Is anyone still out there?..... I finished something!

Kitchen Windows quilt #1  
Kitchen Window quilt #1, Yes I finished the 2nd one first (months ago!) this has been sitting on my sewing table just waiting to be bound since august, around about the last time I blogged actually, So much has happened since then, my life is completely different now, I got a Job!!!! I'm now the canteen manager at the girls school, which as I'm sure you can all imagine is perfect for me, school hours plus I get to see the kids during the day, and keep an eye on things for that matter!
Kitchen Windows quilt #1  Backing
I've also lost 15kgs since July, woohoo!!!! this puts me back at a very healthy weight for my shape and height and I feel so much better for it! (My fitness Pal) and life has changed at home too, as I'm now a single mum. The school holidays are almost half way through already, and I'm missing work, but also loving being at home with the kids and being able to get some stuff done, including sewing again!

Kitchen Windows quilt #1  Backing detail

So this post is all a bit of a ramble, it's been so long since I posted, I feel like I'm starting all over again.
So anyway... The blocks in this quilt were made by the girls from Bee Seam Piecing Down Under, and I've posted about it numerous times already so I wont go through it all again, I'm really happy with both my quilting and binding on this quilt, both are the best I've done so far, Its destined to live on the lounge with its twin for the cold winter nights that at the moment seem so very far away!
Kitchen Windows quilt #1  Front detail

I also made a new quilt, from start to finish in a couple of days, its only a little baby quilt for a very special little one that is due to arrive any day now, My first niece!! I'm so excited!! I cant wait to be an auntie!!

sneaky peak of a very special quilt

A couple of little sneaky peaks for now, I'm sending this off to my brother and sister in law tomorrow and once it arrives ill do a proper post. Hopefully I will be around more often again, now that I'm a touch more organised, I have another quilt on the go already, I'm making it up as i go along, but the intention is to make something a bit more arty for the wall above my bed or somewhere in my room anyway.

Love this binding


  1. Wow Kelly - a lot has been going in your life!! I can see ups and downs so it is good to see you back blogging again - you will be super busy and I hope sewing stays a joy for you - looking forward to some funny quips from life behind the canteen counter.

  2. Congrats on finishing your quilt. So nice to finish something that has been hanging around a wee while isn't it. You have had some major changes in your life haven't you but sounds like you're all sorted and looking forward to 2012!

  3. Huge changes for you! Hope its all in the positive! It sounds like it.

  4. I love your kitchen windows quilt, the colours are fantastic! I found your blog via Flickr, I've just cut all the window pieces for my own version and was looking for sashing ideas - your photos really stood out. Well done!

  5. Howdy! I can notice that you deeply understand what you are telling about. Do you a special education which is somehow associated with the topic of your blog article? Waiting forward to hear from you.