Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A whole month?

Wow! This last month has flown by, I'm sorry I haven't  updated, truth is there is nothing crafty to update about, I've been having a bit of trouble with my back lately and it stops me from getting to close to the machine, very ouchy, and then as soon as I think its all good to go, it starts up again. Frustrating. Hopefully I will be back again soon with some sewing to show off. In the meantime, here's my favorite ever flower photo, that I took probably around this time 2 years ago, Spring tomorrow!!!!!
Freesias #1


  1. Sorry to hear about your back pain Kelly, esp that it keeps you away from your sewing, arggh!!! Gorgeous flowers, I love the pink and orange together. Get better soon. xo

  2. Oh back problems are the worst to deal with! Hope it comes right soon. My husband has had 3 operations on his and its till not right. Love the freesia's!! Such a pretty colour combo too.

  3. Hope your back is healing, even if it is slow. Take care of yourself!