Monday, July 25, 2011


Kitchen Window quilt #2 Finished!!

Quilted and bound, I am in love with this quilt!!! It came out so lovely, soft and wrinkly, I'm looking forward to snuggling up with it on the lounge :-)

Kitchen Window quilt #2 back

I can't quite make out the print on the back but it is the same as the cushion back below.

matching cushion

When I was cutting the fabric to send off to the Bee girls, I somehow got it into my head that they would need a 3.5" square.... yeah not sure how that happened, but it worked out well in the end, I whipped up the front of this cushion cover a few months ago, then added the borders from scraps the girls sent back to me, it is quilted with quite a loose large stipple compared to the quilt which is tighter and smaller.

cushion back

I love this backing fabric, I had originally bought it with the intention of making myself  skirt, but it is just not a colour that I would wear, there was however just the right amount for the quilt and the back of my cushion.

Chocolate Cake

We had Charlie's birthday party on the weekend, we had a lovely afternoon with her best friend and her (same age) Aunty. I knocked out this chocolate cake in the morning, you can't quite tell in this pic but the mound of strawberries in the middle was quite large, it was polished off pretty quickly I can tell you!!


In other news, I cut 8 inches off Miss Jocie's hair last night, she is such a cutie <3