Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Finished Feliz for Christmas! and a Bee Block or two.

Imogene's Feliz for Christmas! Its hanging a little funny in these photos, but its fine on.

I'm seriously needing a break from ruffles, I did the back ruffles with a ruffler foot, scary looking contraption it is! I just couldn't get it to gather the right amount for the bottom hem ruffle though so I did that using the zig-zag over perle 8 trick. It worked quite well, but boy oh boy, I would be very ashamed if someone had been recording me!

I wasn't intending to add a ruffle to the bottom of the overdress, but when I had finished it *really* needed it. As above I couldn't face any more ruffling so I picked up some cute pre-gathered trim from spotlight, and sewed that on, I really like how it turned out. But it still needed something!

So I used the left over trim and a self fabric button to whip up a quick flower broach. It looks good in a few different spots too. Overall I'm very happy with the dress, The pattern was easy, even though I forgot to add seam allowance, but that didn't matter, it actually turned out a bit big, thankfully the ties pull it in, and it does mean it should fit for at least two summers. The joys of the slim built children!

This is Pam's October block for the Australasian Bee, she requested flying geese, with a preference for different sizes in each block. This was my first go at geese, and I feel like the regular geese are pretty good, the tall ones however are a little 'quirky', hopefully Pam will like it, and as the others are adding their blocks to Flickr I can see its going to be a very bright, fun and beautiful quilt.

So next month, November, is my month for the Australasian Bee, I ummed and ahhhed for months trying to figure out what I wanted, finally settling on the spiderweb block, using my vintage sheet stash, with each block using a different modern fabric in the 2nd ring. I used this tutorial. Im almost ready to send out the packs, and I can't wait to see them all together!


  1. Ohhh, I love that second block! Gorgeous crisp colours and it really pops!

  2. The dress looks fantastic Kelly, what a beautiful present and i love your quilt blocks, nice choice for spider web blocks too!

  3. The dress looks great is that from Clothes Kids Love to Wear? (or something like that) It looks like and utter labour of love wiht all those details.

    The bee block looks great. I'm looking forward to getting tarted on your spiderwebs too.