Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Macro" ~ Marlee's Quilt.

Inspired by Marlee's own macro photo's, and one that I took last year.

I pieced the background differently for each section of flower.
And then appliqued the Freesia over the top, to be the focus.

I quilted each section differently, some heavier then others, to try to flatten and push it to the background.

I love the texture and colour in this quilt, I'm really proud of myself!

 I feel like I really thought outside the square.

And the best bit? Marlee loves  it!! Its hanging on her dining/sewing/craft room wall!


  1. I am so lucky. I can't stop touching it, I have seen lots of quilts, but never had the opportunity to get up close to one - I can't believe the detail!

    Thankyou so much Kelly!

  2. way outside the square, what a great effect. And so satisfying to say "I did that" - yeh all of it!

    I admire any quilter, there is so much work involved !

  3. Well done for doing something outside your comfort zone. This is very beautiful and modern!

  4. Kelly, that looks fantastic, i love the quilting ...looks amazing!

  5. Its awesome - congratulations

  6. Kelly! This is amazing! You should be very proud of yourself. I love the quilting - is it machine quilted? What a great idea to quilt the background heavily to make the rest "pop" out. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow! That is truly lovely! Very inspirational!

  8. It's gorgeous Kelly - you should be proud of yourself!