Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fanciful Flowers in Wonderland

I have been itching to make this pattern, "Fanciful Flowers" from Material Obsession since I first looked at the book, I have been itching to cut into my "Wonderland by momo" fabric since it first arrived! Finally I completed the tops and backs for both Charlotte and Imogene's quilts, and seeing how it will be awhile before I can sandwich them, I figured it would  be a good time to get started on my next quilt!

I wanted this quilt to be big enough to fit my queen size bed, and also to use the Jelly roll and Layer cake that I had available, So, I decreased the blocks from 18" to 14",  and did 2 rounds instead of 3 on the pieced blocks. Instead of a 3x4 layout, I'm doing a 5x6, which means 15 yep 15!! applique blocks eek!! The block you can see in the mosaic above, is just a placeholder, The flower is at original size, and it's just not going to work with the fabric I have, so I have reduced it to 65%, which is much better, I'm half way through the first block, the block above will probably get recycled into a throw pillow, or maybe I'll pop it on the back. 

And look what popped into my mailbox last Thursday!! After being so close to missing out on the Flea Market Fancy collection, I decided to go all out and buy the whole collection of Hope Valley, I bought it from Pink Chalk Fabrics, The service was so fantastic, I will buy from them again. I love absolutely every single print in this collection, every. single. one. !! I'm so glad I took the plunge!
Hope you all had a Happy Easter! 

p.s I prettied up my blog, do you like?
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  1. I love the pretty new blog. Not sure where you get the time to do all the sewing/quilting. I need to move the machine to the back of the house so it doesn't wake my 'almost two-yr old'.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your Wonderland quilt, good luck!