Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Holiday at Home!

Beautiful Peacock, just wandering around the grounds, This photo was taken as is, no playing, no zooming!

It's been a very chaotic few weeks around here,  trying to keep everyone happy and busy isn't easy, we have also been saving up the fun stuff for this week while Mark is off work for a break, We have been playing "Tourists"! In other words checking out all the things to do locally, that we really don't do very often if at all usually!
First up was Timbertown Heritage park, in the next town over Wauchope, I forgot to take my camera and there website seems to be down, but basically its a great little town, with a bullocks team and some horses, little cottages and a sawmill etc, They also have blacksmiths and the local woodworking guild. Timbertown will always be very very special to us, Mark and I married there! We had Ice creams, and a good wander, unfortunately the Train wasn't running, hopefully later this year it will be going again!

Today we went over to the Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park we had an absolute blast! As well as the Peacock above were these guys in an enclosure, there were some females too.

This Pheasant, (True Silver Pheasant) was gorgeous, I absolutely loved the feathers, the outer white ones had black patterned through, reminded me of a pinstripe, and the under ones were a really dark bluey-black very shiny and bright when they caught the sunlight! This topped with the beautiful red, really had me thinking fabric!

Next up was the spotted Quoll, very cute, those teeth though were super sharp!

There are a lot of ponds full of Carp and Lily's, very beautiful, the fish were huge, but I didn't get a good photo.

This guy was very cheeky, and yep no zooming, he was that close!!

A gorgeous little Joey peeking out of mama's pouch!

I backed right off for this photo, me and snakes just.... nope!
but the girls and Mark thought it was pretty cool!

This guy's name is Clancy, The girls were pretty chuffed to be patting a Koala!

Miss Jocie and I were pretty excited too!!

And I got to feed and pat this little fella, he was holding on to my hand for a bit too, soo darn cute!!!!!

You know I've always wondered why Emu's are often portrayed with a kinda loopy/crazy personality in chilidren's books and Animations, Now I know why, they really give off that vibe LOL!

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