Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I made this......

Mini table top ironing board, it is around 16" square, and is made from MDF, with a layer each of aluminium foil, ironing board felt, and topped off with some cotton drill from my stash.

Another Phone case, This one is Mark's. Black linen inside and out and velcro instead of button closure.

A coin purse for me, whipped up really quickly.

Another Handbag for me, this time the Small Satchel  from Keyka Lou, I used Grey linen for the outer and a bright green polka dot for the lining.

Stuffed full of my other Keyka Lou accessories!

Pinwheels for Imee's quilt are coming along nicely, I've started joining them together now.

And a "Anda" dress for me! It was quick and really easy, I can see a few more of these in different fabrics, getting made before the summer is out!

My new profile pic, I thought I'd pop it in here too. I'm pretty sure this is the only photo I have with me and all   the kidlets, grubby bunch, love 'em to bits!

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  1. Wow Kelly, your creations are beautiful, as are your girls, what a beautiful photo of you all xo