Monday, December 7, 2009

Babies and a Bag.....

Aren't they adorable? No official names yet, but leaning towards Queenie for the green, and Caspian for the grey. They are approx 12 weeks old, and the girls adore them! Jocie was making kissing noises at them earlier!! I must admit, I never thought I would turn to mush over a pair of Budgies, but mush I am!!

And the Bag, another Keyka lou, this time the "Charm School Handbag" I used the leftovers from Charlotte's dress and a green cotton lining. I love it, though there is a couple of mistakes, the pleats on the bottom on one side do not line up, and the handle openings are a mess, but most definitely usable!

And here is the lovable Miss Jocie, Midway through my attempt at getting a photo of my bag for the blog, she came and swiped it, then ran off!, cheeky thing!
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Your budgies are gorgeous! I love our budgie I miss it when I can't hear him jibbering away. Love the bag too, Miss Jocie obviously doesn't care about any mistakes!