Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's Hot & Not

  • Keyka Lou Patterns, I just can't help myself, they are addictive!!
  • Online Shopping, The lower stress levels are awesome!
  • All the interesting comments on my Giveaway post, There is still time to enter!
  • Packed to the Rafters, need I say more?
  • That my "Not's" are few and not serious.

  • Feeling off for the last 3 months, it sucks.
  • Dealing with icky kiddy phases that should of passed but haven't.
  • The state of my backyard, It is getting to the point of desperation.
Heaps more Hot & Not over at Loobylu


  1. oh dear, I am kinda glad Packed to the Rafters is over for a bit, worried how 'into' it I and all my friends where getting!
    and isn't online shopping so so much better, just worried about things not arriving..

  2. What's hot is that green/black/white leaf print. Can you tell me what it is (and where you got it?) pretty please?

  3. It's a great exercise in recognizing all the positives - it's nice to have to work hard to find the negatives...unfortunately I did not have to look far this week! Still...good...Que sera!