Sunday, November 29, 2009

4 Shirred dresses!!!!!!!

Ever since I got my new machine almost 2 years ago, I haven't been able to shirr, I have scoured the net several times, but never got the answers I needed. The frustration was extreme! Anyway last week, I found Amber's blog after she left me a comment here. I scrolled down a bit and then BAM!! this post. This was my problem! I followed Amber's instructions to the letter, and  Ta-Da!!!

Four Shirred dresses!!, From left to right: Jocie in a little yellow sheer dress with a purple ribbon halter neck (which came out too small so will have to make another for her!), Imogene in a cotton voile cheater cloth, which used to be a maternity maxi dress of mine! Charlotte in a nice hot pink poplin (? I think?!) and Laura in another cut down maternity dress of mine, actually you can see the original of this one all the way back here.
The relief I feel at having figured out how to this, is actually quite funny! The dresses for the big girls have been on the cards for several months, Charlotte's has been through a few sessions of attempts, but finally, finally I can make Shirred Dresses!!! Thank you so much Amber!!

I love this photo, Its so rare that they are all smiling, and happy, and loving each other at the same time. The biggest two suggested that this one would be "good for the wall, mum!" And you know they are sooo right!


  1. Gorgeous girls you have there! The dresses are too bad either!

  2. Kelly, thanks for the link back! You are soooo welcome! I am glad I have finally been able to give back to the crafting community. Now be careful, once you get it, its addictive. LOL!

  3. Oh well done you! I tried shirring. The first dress I did worked well. The second, well, let's just say it was worn once, the stitches all broke/popped and it's been in my mending pile ever since (nearly a full year TBH!!).

    Your girls look thrilled with their dresses - and a great photo for the wall for sure!

  4. Shirred dresses are just fabulous! Well Done! I agree with the girls - definitely an 'on the wall photo'!