Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not a lot of sewing going on....

Between school holidays and a huge list of home improvements that need to be done, there hasn't been a lot of sewing going on at all! I have managed to sandwich the green and brown quilt, and I started quilting it, but not enough to bother showing yet.

I also spent a lovely hour with the two biggest girls, Charlotte and Imogene, making these cute little felt brooches that Charlie got as a kit for her birthday.

This dresser was once owned by my Great Grandmother, It lived in her bathroom apparently!, Anyway it has been mine for the last 21 years (ish), and hadn't been repainted in that time, I didn't think to take a "before", but it was an off white, creamy colour, with bright red round handles, It looked like it hadn't been painted in more like 50 years, it really was in a state. So over the last couple of months, Mark and I have been stripping paint, sanding, and applying undercoat, Finally this weekend we managed to get the two coats of top coat on, and screw in some new handles. I think it turned out O.K and I'm looking forward to being able to put it back into use, this time round it will hold the kids boardgames, colouring in stuff, and wrapping paper etc. (In other words, desperately needed storage!)

Last weekend, we finished putting the light fittings in, This awesome bright orange pendant, now hangs over my dining table!!! So much prettier then the bare bulb we have been used to for the last 3 years!! The wall that you can see behind it will be painted green some time soon too, I can't wait!

Hopefully I will get back into the swing of posting and crafting, once school goes back, till then I hope everyone reading this had a great weekend!! Let me know what you got up to........ I love reading comments!

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