Monday, July 13, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Charlotte's Quilt, Coming together slowly, I have made sooooooo many mistakes on this quilt, all of them to do with seam allowance. But it will still look O.k.

My Hexy Blanky, is coming along too. I am really loving the colours in this (blue, pink, green and white, the photo's not great!)

I started making Laura a twirly skirt and jacket, before winter, Last year, and as you can imagine, there was no way it would of fit her this year!, so a bit of cutting here, a bit of sewing there, and Voila! a warm winter dress!

I used bias binding around the neckline and in the armholes, and added a cord Yo-yo to the front, actually the whole dress is nice fine cord from spotlight. Most importantly Laura absolutely loves it!! She nagged me the whole time I was sewing, because she wanted to wear it and do "ballet" lol!


  1. The quilt looks very pretty, your blanket is nice to. will look forward to seeing them finished.

  2. I love the quilt already, just based on the quilt top. You are using one of my favourite fabrics - Farmers Market.

    I think the dress looks fantastic! Great save of the fabric.